Our Story

The California Fitness Alliance (CFA) was founded in April 2020 by a group of local California operators who realized it was critical for the fitness industry to have a unified voice in the state. The pandemic created a sense of urgency to create this Alliance as it is clear fitness is still not viewed as essential by many, even though we are part of the healthcare solution. The CFA Board and supporters have been working together to advocate for our industry and educate policy makers, media and the public on the importance of physical fitness. A key priority is changing mindsets to view the fitness industry is essential and part of preventative healthcare. Most industries have a strong state association and the goal is to build the CFA to be a critical partner and advocate for all fitness operators and professionals in the state.

Our Mission

"Motivating a Healthier California by Providing Safe and Equitable Access to Exercise for All."


Our Four Priorities:

  • Access: Increase access to safe and equitable places to exercise for Californians of all ages.
  • Awareness: Increase awareness of importance of physical activity for mental and physical fitness.
    • Increasing awareness on how movement can be fun (e.g. reduce the intimidation of “exercise”)
    • Increase awareness on how physical activity can help all parts of your life
    • Changing the healthcare conversation from treatment to prevention
  • Advocacy: Advocate for policies that enable organizations focused on providing access to physical activity to thrive and grow.
  • Represent: The fitness Industry on CA Governor’s Council for Physical Fitness and Mental Well-being.



New Legislation to Increase Access: AB 1338 Medi-Cal Exercise and Mental Well-Being Act
  • Assemblymember Petrie-Norris has introduced AB 1338 will add fitness and wellness services to the list of pre-approved Community Supports under California Advancing and Improving Medi-Cal (CalAIM) In-Lieu of Services (ILOS) program.
  • The policy will advance health equity, improve quality of life and provide long-term healthcare savings for Medi-Cal recipients.
Awareness: California Moves Public Service Campaign
  • California Moves is new public service campaign focused on educating and inspiring Californians to move for their physical and mental fitness.Campaign will launch on May 1st.